About Jet-Go

We are Taiwan’s leading strategic communications experts, offering a wide range of public relations and public affairs services.

Since our founding in Taipei in 1994, Jet-Go has been helping multinational and local clients achieve their long-term public relations & public affairs objectives in Taiwan.

We are one of the largest public relations agencies in Taiwan.  With over 100 full-time professionals, our staff is culled from a variety of fields—public relations, journalism, communications, political science, legislative affairs, graphic design, and education, to name a few.

Our comprehensive issues-management approach helps organizations identify and deal with near-, mid-, and long-term threats and opportunities that may affect their operations in Taiwan. We do this by:

  • identifying existing or emerging public opinion or policy issues, opportunities or problems
  • identifying key stakeholders and audiences, including consumers, non-profit associations, academics, policy makers, and policy influencers
  • developing strategic audience-specific messages intended to increase awareness, enhance understanding or alter behavior
  • crafting plans to deliver those messages in an effective and impactful manner

Our organization

Jet-Go Consulting Group is comprised of four companies – each with their own set of specialized capabilities and expertise, including public affairs, online & offline media relations & campaigns, marketing promotion, and creative design, among others.

Each of our companies has their own specialties but our strength comes from the integration of resources and expertise across our business units. This integrative approach is the Jet-Go Difference and it gives us a range of innovative and comprehensive service that other agencies just can’t match.

The industries we serve

Jet-Go Consulting Group engages a variety of clients across a range of industries & issue-focuses. From non-profits seeking to enhance public awareness and understanding of their organization’s mission, to government ministries seeking to drum up public support for a policy or program, to a corporate client seeking discrete resolution of a nagging or onerous regulatory issue. No situation is too complex for Jet-Go Consulting Group.

Some of our services

Issues management

Jet-Go provides issues management services to some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Jet-Go’s suite of monitoring tools allows us to not only detect related media coverage and social media conversations, but also regulatory and legislative developments (including near-real time monitoring of legislative committee meetings). We provide clients with timely information and insights about regulatory, legislative, and public opinion trends and developments in Taiwan, identifying specific threats and opportunities that may affect their reputation and operations. We then undertake comprehensive stakeholder analysis to identify key decision makers, influencers, and stakeholders relevant to developments and develop bespoke communication plans (for both direct stakeholder communications and media or other communications) to maximize opportunities or mitigate risks.

Crisis management

Jet-Go works with clients to ensure that the processes and practices are in place to prevent or mitigate the effects of events that have the potential to harm their organization’s reputation, finances, constituents or facilities. We can help build a crisis management system from the ground up or evaluate existing processes and make recommendations to strengthen them.

Jet-Go is also on hand during crisis events to make impact evaluations, help manage and coordinate resource deployment, and ensure that the processes in place are functioning properly and sufficiently to manage the events. Our years of experience can be invaluable in dealing with dynamic situations that challenge and stress even the most well-prepared organizations and processes. 

Offline & online media services

Jet-Go understands offline and online media landscapes in Taiwan and we have long-standing relationships with many influential media members, including journalists, editors, news-room managers and columnists. In addition to strategic media consultancy, we help plan and execute a wide range of media activities, including media campaigns, media relations programs, press releases, article pitching and placement, interview opportunities, media roundtables, and media focus groups and surveys.

 At Jet-Go, we also have our own in-house online media and social media expertise and capabilities, including social media monitoring and analysis, issues management, and blogger and digital influencer relations.

Strategic communications for global investment firms

Jet-Go has advised some of the world’s largest investment firms on planned foreign direct investments in Taiwan. In addition to providing potential investors with a comprehensive overview of Taiwan’s challenging investment environment, Jet-Go also identifies specific threats and opportunities that may affect their investment applications, undertakes comprehensive stakeholder analysis to identify key decision makers, influencers, and stakeholders, devises bespoke communication plans (for both direct stakeholder communications and media or other communications) intended to facilitate our clients’ investment applications, and continues to monitor & analyze the environment for developments that may affect outcomes of regulatory review processes. Jet-Go’s suite of monitoring tools allows us to not only detect related media coverage and social media conversations, but also conversations in Taiwan’s legislature – often the source of investment transaction politicization in Taiwan’s historically hostile investment climate.

Online & offline marketing communications & promotion

As more and more of our clients turn to an integrated marketing communications approach, so too has Jet-Go’s marketing experience and expertise grown. Some of the world’s best-known brands turn to Jet-Go to ensure that communications across all of their marketing activities are integrated and effective. We can support our clients’ marketing efforts with a range of promotional services, including marketing consulting, market analysis, advertisement creation and channel placement, direct marketing, social media and other digital marketing, special events, and personal selling.

Stakeholder relations & communications

Professional associations, non-profit organizations, watchdog groups, scholars, experts, pundits, and variety of other stakeholders have the potential to affect – for better or for worse – the environment in which our clients operate in Taiwan. Jet-Go is Taiwan-centric and we are well-placed to help identify and analyze those individuals or organizations that pose threats to or present opportunities for our clients. We can identify relevant priority actors, provide analysis of their perspectives, develop and execute communication programs, and support efforts to build long-lasting partnerships. And we have the on-the-ground capabilities and experience help you communicate with them in formal settings such, as conferences and forums, arrange discrete one-on-one meetings, or mobilize them to act as advocates for your organization.

Internal & corporate communications

Jet-Go also has a long history of experience in meeting our clients’ internal communication needs, including routine employee and partner communications, communications consulting during times of crisis or labor disputes, communications planning for redundancies and for recruitment, and communications for special occasions. We also provide support for above-country communications, internal corporate activities and event planning, as well as employee training activities.


Jet-Go affiliates

Our focus is on Taiwan. But we know that our clients may have requirements in other markets throughout the region.

Jet-Go is proud to be part of the Interel Global Partnership – a network of independent public affairs consultancies with offices in more than 60 countries around the world. 

Jet-Go is proud to cooperate with Finsbury Glover Hering – a leading global strategic communications and public affairs communications consultancy, helping clients navigate complex environments. Via its global network of 700 professionals in the world’s major financial, government, business and cultural centers, FGH helps boards, C-suites and other senior leaders at public and private companies, leading institutions and non-profits harness the power of communications to capture strategic opportunity and overcome critical business and reputational challenges.

Some of our past and current clients

Jet-Go provides strategic communications services to some of the leading global & local brands, industry & professional associations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and electoral candidates.

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