Group Subsidiaries

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Jet-Go Consulting Group includes

Each company has its own specialized strengths with resources and experiences internally shared, supporting each other. The ability to integrate is a distinct feature of Jet-Go Consulting Group, bringing innovation and knowledge, and positioning it far ahead of what other companies can achieve.

Business & Nonprofit PR, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Nutrition

Jet-Go International Consulting offers a variety of services to meet the needs of both corporate and non-profit clients. These services include issue and crisis management, media services, media and stakeholder relationship management, traditional and digital media monitoring and analysis, event planning and execution, and more.

Public affairs and public relations, policy analysis, healthcare, payment industry, and technology

Soundline Consulting excels in public affairs and provides strategic communication assistance and services aimed at creating a conducive political and regulatory environment for corporate clients, industry associations, and other organizations.

Public sector strategic communication and policy advocacy

Pulse Research specializes in providing strategic communication and assistance in policy advocacy for central government departments, local government agencies, institutions, and organizations. It also includes a professional campaign team capable of offering optimal advice to candidates at all levels of elections during electoral campaigns, helping them reach their goal of winning.

Creative design services, social media monitoring, video and audio production

Popcorn Digital is the innovation and design hub within Jet-Go Consulting Group. Popcorn Digital offers a wide range of services available to all clients of the Group, including marketing and communication material graphic design, video and short-film production, as well as social media monitoring, analysis, and events.

Social media public opinion analysis and research surveys

Great Society Survey Center has conducted in-depth data studies over a long period, providing businesses, non-profit organizations, or individuals with professional research services to assist clients in developing the most suitable strategies.