Brand Story



Brand Founding

In the 1990s, Taiwan embarked on comprehensive parliamentary elections, heralding the dawn of a new Democratic era. It was during this transformative period, in 1994, that the Jet-Go Consulting was conceived.

Society became decentralized which led to an increasingly challenging environment for brand management. Every situation, be it is a COVID-19 outbreak, social upheavals, legislative amendments, or electoral shifts has the potential to impact brand operations. Brands can no longer rely solely on their internal views or traditional methods like media, advertising, and promotions to navigate these transformations.

Recognizing the growing demand for brands to establish high-level strategies as operational blueprints, founder Dr. Max Wu (吳春城) drew inspiration from the strategic principles of ancient Chinese military leaders, which was "Analyzing key global trends and leading modern developments". Based on this philosophy, he established a team with modern tactics that integrates functions such as research, strategic execution, policy advocacy, grassroots engagement, resource coordination, media outreach, and innovative development. The team helps clients in safeguarding their brand's reputation and impacting the world.

Company concepts

"Creating influential power and initiating social change" is the core operations philosophy of Jet-Go, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards as expected

Leading Strategies

Leading Strategies

  • We not only position ourselves in the marketing world but also hold a strategic position in public relations.
  • Besides the 4Ps of marketing, top-tier public relations prioritizes Public Opinion and Policy, we offer 6P services to comprehensively assess the overall situation and manage it.
  • We not only depend on digitalization but also acknowledges the importance of the operator's role.

Integrated Teamwork

Integrated Teamwork

  • PR is a comprehensive tactic that places sociology at the forefront.
  • Politics is a humanistic approach and strategy that still requires a corporate platform.

Work Commitment and Drive to Achieve Goals

Work Commitment and Drive to Achieve Goals

  • Upholding the spirit of Jet-Go, various stakeholders and the public are supported.
  • Our goal of communicating at a leading level includes working with our clients to apply needed resources and creating all-around winning strategies.

Oustanding Team

Oustanding Team

  • Teamwork is the dreamwork, we never work alone and commit to a team spirit.
  • A well-mapped political landscape while remaining neutral to parties.
  • Using the capabilities of think tanks to leverage technology and associated partners with the goal of providing a one-stop shop service.

Company Advantages

Jet-Go excels at supporting brands in responding to the complex and ever-changing social environment and stakeholders. Compared to traditional advertising or public relations companies, we can provide more integrated solutions, resources, and tools, with 10 key advtanges:

PR Perspective

PR Perspective

Jet-Go consulting capabilities are on par with law firms, with over 60% of the cases handled under long-term contracts over the past 30 years. What's more is that among the current top ten global brands, 80% are our long-term clients. While we also offer services and tactics, we differ from companies that solely offer services without a holistic approach.

Advanced PR Perspective Advanced PR Perspective Advanced PR Perspective

Advanced PR Perspective

The consulting services provided by Jet-Go Consulting start from the foundational level of strategies. These services are developed based on a profound understanding of the environment, serving as the bedrock to form the strategy, innovate ideas, and dictate the resources used. As a result, the solutions offered often align more effectively with the needs of management levels. This sets them apart from the tactical-level services typically offered by other firms (such as advertising creativity) or operational-level services (such as media channels).

6P Marketing 6P Marketing 6P Marketing 6P Marketing

6P Marketing

We are able to form PR strategies without being confined to a PR approach. We not only focus on the marketing 4Ps but place even greater importance on Public Opinion and Policy, allowing us to have a comprehensive overview and strategic maneuvering. Our ability to prioritize the 2Ps is rooted in the fact that Jet-Go was founded on the bedrock of political strategy. This has given us a deeper understanding of political and economic situations, policy trends, regulatory systems, and public sentiment compared to other marketing agencies.

Network of Comprehensive Services Network of Comprehensive Services Network of Comprehensive Services

Network of Comprehensive Services

In order to face a fragmented marketing industry, a Grouping Management approach was created by integrating five subsidiary companies: Soundline Consulting (Corporate Strategy Consulting), Pulse Research (Strategic Marketing), Jet-Go Consulting Group (Business/NGO Public Relations), Popcorn Digital (Digital Innovation), and Great Society Survey Center. Clients can choose the most suitable contact window based on their preferences, while the remaining four subsidiary companies work cohesively to provide integrated services.

JETGO+ Resource Platform

Jet-Go Consulting Group provides various professional technical capabilities that include advertising by collaborating with various NGO organizations, and social enterprises to enhance integrated strategic services.

Specialized Teams Driven to Achieving Goals Specialized Teams Driven to Achieving Goals Specialized Teams Driven to Achieving Goals

Specialized Teams Driven to Achieving Goals

With over 100 members, our team includes various professionals with backgrounds in fields such as politics, economics, society, law, psychology, communication, advertising, media, marketing, etc. After years of training our teams, we are able to empower our clients.

International Networking

International Networking

We are partnered with the world's leading strategic communication and public affairs consulting firms, FGS Global, and China's largest PR company, Blue Light Label, to assist clients in integrating international communication strategies and resources.

Allied Partners
Communication Awards Recognition

Communication Awards Recognition

Jet-Go Consulting has been awarded by Campaign Asia as the Best PR Company Gold Award for Outstanding Marketing Communication Contributions eight times and received over a hundred noteworthy awards in the field of communication. A subsidiary of Jet-Go Consulting, Popcorn Digital, was also awarded the Best Digital Marketing Company Gold Award and the Silver Award for Best PR Company of the Year in 2018.

Past Awards
Integrated Resources

Integrated Resources

Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated a substantial amount of client resources, serving industries that include technology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fast food, environmental protection, telecommunications, communications and consumer electronics, transportation, finance, education, energy, agriculture, biotechnology, beauty and cosmetics, politics, parliament, associations, NGOs, e-commerce, real estate, platforms...allowing for a competitive advantage of integrated resources.

Comprehensive Case Studies Comprehensive Case Studies

Comprehensive Case Studies

Key milestones in the history of Taiwan's society, such as pandemic prevention by the Central Epidemic Command Center, energy reform, healthcare insurance amendments, and more, Jet-Go Consulting has taken part every step of the way. Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated cases involving government agencies and relevant businesses, continuously enhancing our marketing think tank abilities. This stands as a crucial support for assisting clients in addressing the uncertainties of the future.