Jet-Go Consulting Group is committed to delivering comprehensive and interdisciplinary professional public relations services. Leveraging our expertise in media relations, PR strategy, stakeholder engagement, resource integration, brand development, and crisis management, we help clients enhance their visibility, reputation, and societal influence.

Eight Professional Service Areas



Public Health, Health Insurance, Precision Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Materials, Healthcare Management

Food Safety

Food Safety

Restaurant and Food Products, Health Supplements, Cosmetics

Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance, Blockchain, Digital Payments, Wealth Management

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hydrogen and Biomass Energy, Renewable Energy, Circular Economy

Consumer Spending

Consumer Spending

Consumer Demands, Fan Marketing, Market Channels, Trend Insights

Information Technology

Information Technology

Technological Innovation, Cybersecurity, Digital Convergence, IoT, Smart Homes

Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation

Shared Transportation, Autonomous Driving, Smart Traffic, Smart Logistics

Public Welfare and Social Services

Public Welfare and Social Services

Social Welfare Advocacy, Medical and Healthcare Rights, Patient Advocacy, Sustainable Environment, Corporate Governance

Professional Services

Public Policy Consulting

As a PR company with over 30 years of professional experience, Jet-Go Consulting Group has always been committed to providing comprehensive public affairs consulting services to our clients. We not only focus on the issues and challenges in the policy-making process but more importantly, we translate our expertise and industry insights into concrete strategies to help clients address various challenges and achieve success.

  • Policy Crisis Risk Management

    Within the process of policy formulation, risk management holds a pivotal role. As a professional company in the PR sector, Jet-Go Consulting Group boasts an extensive reservoir of experience in crisis management. Our capacity to promptly respond and with specialized assistance during instances of policy crises positions us to effectively mitigate potential losses on behalf of our esteemed clients.

  • Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement

    Throughout the process of creating policies, diverse stakeholders wield varying degrees of influence over the outcome. We possesses a wealth of experience in stakeholder analysis, enabling us to assist clients in understanding the needs, concerns, and positions of different stakeholders. We provide tailored communication and engagement strategies to effectively address the interests of these stakeholders.

  • Issue Management

    Throughout the process of creating policies, diverse stakeholders wield varying degrees of influence over the outcome. We possesses a wealth of experience in stakeholder analysis, enabling us to assist clients in understanding the needs, concerns, and positions of different stakeholders. We provide tailored communication and engagement strategies to effectively address the interests of these stakeholders.

  • Policy Public Opinion

    Policy sentiment analysis holds a significant influence on the process of creating policies. We excel in tracking and analyzing diverse media, social networks, and public opinions on policies, and provides professional advice and strategies based on analysis insights.

  • Trend Surveys

    We stay current with the latest social trends and public sentiments while employing methods such as surveys and social research to gather, analyze, and interpret public emotions and reactions. The collected data aids clients in better understanding the needs and concerns of their target audience, assisting them in crafting improved strategies and decisions to enhance the effectiveness of promotional and marketing activities. In the process of forming policies, trend polling serves as a crucial reference point, helping clients gain deeper insights into public demands and attitudes.

  • Legislative Monitoring Services

    Our legislative monitoring service encompasses a wide range of content, including parliamentary sessions, bill progress, voting results, committee activities, speeches by legislators, and proposed initiatives. Additionally, we conduct thorough analyses and assessments of their policy and legal implications. Through this service, clients gain a more precise understanding of the legislative process and policy formulation, enabling them to actively engage in relevant activities.

  • Campaign Advisory

    We have extensive campaign experience and strategic acumen, offering comprehensive campaign consulting services to assist candidates and political parties in achieving success during elections. Our services encompass the entire campaign process, from strategic planning to execution. This includes campaign strategy formulation, brand building, voter analysis, campaign material design, social media management, and event planning. Our ultimate goal is to help candidates and political parties secure electoral wins while elevating their visibility and reputation.

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Brand PR Consultation

Jet-Go Consulting Group, with over 30 years of professional PR experience, offers brand PR consulting services dedicated to assisting businesses to establish and maintain their brand image. Our expert team conducts comprehensive analyses of clients' brand values, product strengths, target audiences, and more, to develop tailored brand PR strategies that align with their needs. Through our brand PR consulting services, clients can enhance brand awareness, foster brand loyalty, cultivate a positive brand image, and elevate public perception of their brand. We help clients gain increased attention and a competitive edge in the market. Our services cover the following 19 categories:

  • Brand Reputation Management

    We help clients shape a positive brand image, raise brand awareness, and develop deeper loyalty.

  • Brand Crisis Risk Management

    We help clients establish crisis management mechanisms to swiftly address various brand crises and minimize losses.

  • Market Trends Insight

    We conduct in-depth research on market trends and dynamics to help clients devise effective marketing strategies.

  • Issue Strategy Planning

    Through in-depth research and analysis of social issues, we provide clients with precise issue strategies and planning.

  • Media Environment Monitoring

    We continuously monitor the media landscape to promptly grasp public feedback on the brand.

  • International and Domestic Conferences and Forums

    We assist clients take part in various international and domestic conferences and forums, expanding brand influence and international presence.

  • PR Spokesperson Training

    We provide professional spokesperson training for clients to enhance brand image and credibility.

  • Corporate Lectures and Educational Training

    We assist clients organize corporate lectures and educational training to elevate brand and professional image.

  • Media Relationship Management

    Maintaining strong relationships with major media outlets, we offer comprehensive media support to clients.

  • Creative Advertising and Production (Advertorial/Advertisement/Special Feature)

    We offer full-scale advertising and creative planning services to create greater brand value.

  • Media Events

    In media events, we organize banquets, receptions, and other activities with media personnel, fostering communication between clients and the media to enhance brand visibility and image.

  • Product/Channel Exhibitions and Sales (including OMO)

    Product and channel exhibitions are integral to PR strategies, aiming to boost brand awareness, sales, and market expansion.

  • Consumer Experience Activities

    We provide diverse creative consumer experiential activities such as exhibitions, product experiential events, and demonstrations allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the brand, thereby increasing brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

  • Brand Image Events

    We meticulously plan various brand image events for clients, including grand openings, award ceremonies, fundraising banquets, family days, and more. Through various event formats, we help clients build a stronger brand image, engagement, and appeal to consumers.

  • Large Public Events

    We offer a range of public activities that attract large groups of visitors, such as exhibitions, curation, and more, providing comprehensive event planning and execution to create distinctive brand events.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

    We prioritize social responsibility and offer planning and execution of various corporate social responsibility activities, including CSR, CSI, ESG, SDGs, etc., assisting clients in establishing a better reputation in terms of brand and social image.

  • Cross-Industry Collaboration Planning

    We provide cross-industry collaboration planning services for clients, partnering with other industries to creatively combine different industries, brands, and products, enhancing brand awareness, exposure, and business benefits.

  • Visual Design and Direct Mail Advertising

    With a professional design team, we offer brand visual design and advertising collateral design services, seamlessly integrating brand image with design concepts to create a distinctive brand visual identity.

  • Video and Audio Planning, Production, and Promotion

    We offer video and audio planning, production, and promotion services, including advertisements, promotional videos, short films, music videos, and more. Through the power of video and audio, we convey brand image and values, increasing brand exposure and recognition.

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Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media and digital consulting services are key components of Jet-Go Consulting Group, designed to assist businesses in effective marketing and brand establishment across social media and digital platforms. Our professional team conducts comprehensive analyses to understand our client's goals and target markets, assembling personalized strategies for social media engagement. Through our digital consulting services, clients can enhance brand visibility, expand their target audience, foster community interaction, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty. Our objective is to deliver expert digital marketing solutions that help our clients stand out in the competitive market landscape. Jet-Go Consulting Group provides a comprehensive array of social media and digital consulting services that cover the following 11 categories:

  • Internet Crisis Risk Management

    Assisting businesses in managing crises that occur online by employing effective communication and crisis management strategies to mitigate risks and negative impacts.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Monitoring online discussions and reviews to help businesses understand their reputation and promptly address negative comments.

  • LINE Ecosystem

    Assisting businesses in establishing their brand image on LINE and engaging in interactive and promotional activities with customers.

  • Collaboration with Online Opinion Leaders

    Collaborating with online opinion leaders to enhance a company's exposure and visibility through their influence and promotion.

  • Creative Audiovisual Concept Development

    Creating novel and appealing audiovisual content to attract more attention and followers for businesses on social media platforms.

  • Social Media Management (FB/IG/YT/TikTok Operations)

    Assisting businesses in conducting marketing activities on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, along with managing and engaging with the online community.

  • Website Architecture Consultation

    Assisting businesses in optimizing their website architecture to enhance user experience and website traffic.

  • Online Advertising Consultation

    Providing professional online advertising strategies to increase click-through rates and conversion rates, boosting online exposure, and brand awareness for businesses.

  • Big Data Sentiment Monitoring

    Utilizing big data analysis to monitor online sentiments and trends, making timely adjustments to marketing strategies to enhance marketing effectiveness.

  • Digital Technology Integration Services

    Assisting businesses in integrating various digital technologies to achieve more efficient and value-driven marketing strategies.

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